• Webinar: What’s the big deal about bylaws?

    This webinar covers one of the most essential parts of running your JETAA chapter – BYLAWS! This webinar will cover the purpose of bylaws, key things to consider, when/how to update your bylaws, and more. Presenters are Monica Yuki, JETAA USA Country Representative and USJETAA Board Member, and Bahia Simons-Lane, USJETAA Executive Director. Register here!


  • October Newsletter

    Oct. 4–Check out the latest newsletter featuring an insight into the JETAA National Conference 2019, USJETAA Southeast (JETAASE) Alabama subchapter event: Opportunities to Strengthen Japan-Alabama Ties; a guest blog from Megan Magwood’s perspective on Okinawa, and JET Alumni Highlights.

    Read the Newsletter!


  • Opportunities to Strengthen Japan-Alabama Ties

    USJETAA was pleased to co-sponsor an event by the JET Alumni Association Southeast (JETAASE) Alabama subchapter through our Chapter Grant Program funded by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA.

    Read the full report: Opportunities to Strengthen Japan-Alabama Ties.


  • Trevin Dye

    Trevin Dye (Tochigi, 1998-2001) is the assistant director of international business development for the Japanese External Trade Organization (JETRO). His work was featured recently in article by the Southern Automotive Alliance. Trevin’s savvy business skills and social personality have allowed him to form relationships with Japanese companies and bridge the gap for millennials in the automotive industry. Read the article.


  • Redefining Japaneseness

    Jane H. Yamashiro, Ph.D. (Nagano, 1995-1998) has conducted years of research in the U.S. in relation to Japan. Her book “Redefining Japaneseness: Japanese Americans in the Ancestral Homeland” dives deep into what it’s like for a U.S. born Japanese American to navigate through social challenges-battling with the idea of what it’s like being Japanese as she moves to Japan. For more information, please visit her website: https://redefiningjapaneseness.com/


  • New Idea for Language Teaching in Japan

    JET alumnus Robert D. Eldridge (Hyogo, 1990-1992) curated a thought-provoking article touching on a possible way to improve the language curriculum in Japanese schools. He proposes that prefectures establish a course of nine languages with rotating teachers to change students’ attitudes towards language learning. Read the article.


  • Reflections on Okinawa

    Megan Magwood (2013-2015), former USJETAA intern and graduate student studying Global Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shares her perspectives on Okinawa in a guest blog post on the USJETAA blog.


  • Join USJETAA!

    Become a member of USJETAA! Register in our online directory to connect with other JET alumni from your prefecture or in your field as peers or mentors. Sign up here!


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