• McDonald’s Reception

    Thank you to everyone who attended our reception featuring remarks by Jonathan Kushner (1992-93, Mie), Vice President of Corporate Relations at McDonald’s Japan.


  • Inspired by Japan: Entrepreneurship in America

    Inspired by Japan: Entrepreneurship in America was a great event featuring presentations on how Japan inspired American entrepreneurs to start their organizations and a moderated panel discussion that explored the broader issue of entrepreneurship in Japan and the United States.


  • U.S.-Japan Town Hall: Online and in Washington, DC

    On January 29th, we held a town hall discussion on recent trends in people-to-people exchanges featuring speakers, Dr. Sheila Smith and Mr. James (Jim) Gannon. This event focused on recent trends of people-to-people and educational ties between the United States and Japan and the role of the next generation in shaping the future of people-to-people exchange. Supported by Sasakawa USA, USJETAA, and FIU in Washington, DC.


  • Support USJETAA!

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  • USJETAA Alumni Directory

    JET Alumni are invited to join USJETAA! Register in our online directory to connect with other JET alumni from your prefecture or in your field as peers or mentors. Register here!


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