Be an Author for the East-West Center in Washington’s Japan Matters for America Site!

This program is a partnership between USJETAA and the East-West Center (EWC) in Washington to support the center’s Asia Matters for America initiative. Articles by JET alumni contributors will be posted on the Japan Matters for America site to help increase Americans’ understanding of the Japanese culture, economy, language and society; raise awareness about the importance of learning Japanese and working in Japan; and, highlight the experiences of American JET alumni.

Published Articles


Applications 2018 - 2019: Closed

All applicants have been notified of their application status.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should focus on people-to-people connections between the United States and Japan at the state and local levels. Topics should feature an issue, event, project, or business that is important to promoting better relations and understanding between the U.S. and Japan. It should highlight the positive impacts of U.S.-Japan relations on both U.S. and Japanese communities. Submissions that include personal stories are encouraged. Scroll down to see a list of example topics.


To apply, please submit an abstract of up to 200 words on the topic you would like to write about and a writing sample that highlights your style. If selected, the final article written for publication should be approximately 500-700 words. These articles are snapshots highlighting connections between the United States and Japan.

The abstract should be in a Microsoft Word file, but the writing sample can take any file format or be a link to an online resource. Include the following information about your time on the JET Program: years (e.g. 2005-2007), prefecture, and position (ALT, CIR, SEA, MEF).

Email applications to Casey Nealy at with the subject heading: EWC Contributor Program.


  • You must be an alumnus/ae of the JET Program to apply.
  • You must register as a member of USJETAA (free!).
  • Submitted articles must be original content and not previously published elsewhere.


Authors will receive an honorarium of $250 from the East-West Center in Washington upon publication of their articles.


November 12, 2018 – First submission deadline.
• December 3, 2018 – Selected submissions sent to EWC for review and approval.
• December 17, 2018 – Contributors will be notified of acceptance or rejection.
• January 17, 2018 – Completed articles due to USJETAA.
April 15, 2019 – Second submission deadline.
• May 15, 2019 – Selected submissions sent to EWC for review and approval.
• May 30, 2019 – Contributors will be notified of acceptance or rejection.
• June 30, 2019 – Completed articles due to USJETAA.

Suggested Topics

  • JET Program
    o The value of staying connected to your Japanese hometown.
    o The power of the JET alumni network in mobilizing support after natural disasters in Japan.
    o How your personal experience on the JET Program led to you staying engaged with Japan after returning to the United States.
    o How a JET alumni inspired a next generation of JET(s).
  • Local Communities
    o Projects or events that highlight Japanese culture in U.S. communities.
    o Ways that U.S.-Japan sister-city ties have been strengthened.
    o Impact of the local Japanese population within U.S. cities.
  • Business
    o Collaborations between local businesses in Japan and the US.
    o What Japanese businesses bring to your local region.
    o Interesting ties between Japanese companies and Americans, such as Japanese companies looking to foreigners to join board of directors.
    o Why Japan is important for the U.S. automobile industry.
  • Education
    o What Japanese and American students learn from a student exchange experience.
    o The impact of collaborations between U.S. and Japanese universities.
    o Ways to further Japanese language studies and exchange in your area.
  • Art/Music/Media
    o American youth and the impact of Japanese animation, music, and/or fashion.
    o Japanese art exhibitions or concerts generating interest within the US.
  •  Technology/Current Events
    o Japanese and Americans working together on technological innovation.
    o Social media trends connecting the U.S. and Japan.
    o Collaborations on sustainable energy.


Articles posted on Asia Matters for America may be cross-posted on the EWC in Washington’s Medium page. EWC retains the rights to all content published on the Asia Matters for America website ( Articles should not be published elsewhere without written permission from EWC.